The opening section of newsround cater for your needs essay

Through concentration on particular foreign stories, it galvanizes the public attention and concern and the government has no alternative but to implement what the public wants in its foreign policy. The graphics that Newsround use are modern and bright. That way, the most interesting information, is naturally what you communicate first.

So in conclusion a very well put together news programme. Newsround is very effect at attracting its target audience; it tries to understand what children like and tries to cater for there needs. Once you have completed your script, you can add in notes about any quotes, sound effects, stills, graphics etc on the left-hand side of the worksheet.

When the news is read there is a purple box underneath the presenter that contains subtitles of the same topic that the presenter is discussing. Fill out this worksheet to help you make your judgement about the best top line: As a result, political leaders join foreign policy decisions with the media in mind.

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This could only be possible if it was perceived that a coup would better serve the foreign interest of the British government. Newsround discusses both hard and soft stories.

A fact is something that it true often who, what, where, when. This security check up was strictly enforced during the cold war.

Cut up the story into sections, with two or three sentences in each section - or individual sentences if you wish to make the task more difficult. The headlines chosen in Newsround are more to do with children and that concern them.

This was not the only reason I carried on watching, the crew who had been filming had no protection at all and had even come across the Taliban who were armed. The set is bright with blue and purple; there is also a chair which is round and modern looking. The only problem with the news programme would be that serious sport fans would not get a very in depth report on the news but they will get the main sport headlines.

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For this activity, you will need to print out two copies of this worksheet, one is for a first draft and the other is for a final draft.

The logo of Newsround is suited with the set design as the logo is purple and so is the set colour. Bird flu- they show the bird being cured and reassuring the audience that there is no need to worry.

It is a fact that the British government pays close attention to BBC news, especially foreign broadcast. It said the BBC, on the advice of the British government, blew out the proportion of the threat from Iraq to convince the British people and the world that war or invasion was the only option to deal with the threat.

This has been possible through the intervention of the foreign office in pursuit of its goals.

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The worksheet is designed for scripting video or audio news, but can also be used for text-based news - and helps avoid the temptation to copy and paste. The BBC is such an important institution to British foreign policy that employees are vetted by M15, which is charged with gathering security intelligence within Britain.

It releases all this energy into the atmosphere which will cause a bright flash and sometimes bits of this explode. Getting the point across A handful of students read their scripts to the rest of the group. In general I expect all news programmes to introduce the topic which they will be discussing.

Newsround has a target audience of 6 to year-olds and the stories and language used in our bulletins reflects that. The graphics used are relevant and they are there to attract the audience. I have also noticed that each occasion that the news topic is changed there is a change in beat and makes it clear to the audience that the subject has altered.

Remember to keep your words clear, concise and correct: Recency is a key factor, as children would like to know up-to-date facts; this is included with the scores of sport matches or even awards that have been presented to people.

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Newsround is definitely less formal then other news programmes, this is because Newsround's target audience are children, while other news programmes are aimed at adults.

Newsround is very effect at attracting its target audience; it tries to understand what children like and tries to cater for there needs. The Philippine Dallas Essay Sample If the Americans had Dallas, we had many parallels of it as well.

Dallas, an American prime time television soap opera, aired. Students have a go at the Newsround caption competition and write captions for a picture gallery of recent news.

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This might make a good opening photograph. Which picture would make a good ending to the gallery? Consider what the reader needs to know and include relevant details 1h.

The Opening Section Of Newsround Cater For Your Needs Essay

Present material clearly, using appropriate layout. how effectively does the opening section of newsround cater for your needs? The ending ident is the same as the beginning ident.

I think that when the beat is played throughout the programme it gives the news more pace.

The opening section of newsround cater for your needs essay
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